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The Creighton Fertility Care Model The Creighton Fertility Care Model is a unique system that allows couples to avoid or achieve a pregnancy naturally. It is a moral, green, and safe system that doesn't involve chemicals or devices of any kind. Sound too good to be true? When used to avoid a pregnancy, it is 99% effective when used perfectly, 96.8% effective when used by regular people. (J Reprod Med 1998;43:495-502) www.creightonmodel.com This method cannot be self taught. It is only taught by trained Creighton Model practitioners.

Know someone dealing with infertility?

The founder of the Creighton Model, Dr. Thomas Hilgers of the Pope Paul VI Institute (www.popepaulvi.com), has created NaProTechnology, a major breakthrough. It offers couples moral infertility treatments that actually work. A large emphasis is placed on a thorough diagnostic process of solving the mystery behind a couple's infertility. The true causes of infertility are then discovered and then treated.


A couple must first chart via the Creighton Model prior to becoming a NaPro patient as NaPro physicians rely on the Creighton Model charts. The Creighton Model chart is the starting point for the cascade of tests and treatments ordered by the NaPro physicians.

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